The Manic Papers of 2008

Relatively Manic I have put together this section for you so that you may come closer to experiencing my first manic episode. Just looking at the Manic Papers of 2008 you might not understand the severity of what is going on without some sort of relative comparison. This certain relativity exists … [Read more...]

Standard Intake Procedure

The irrevocable decision The irrevocable decision to be involuntarily committed is made by someone and someone gets you the police or your family and if its the family they take you to the nearest hospital but if its the police they put you in handcuffs and you'll say "not too tight, my right wrist … [Read more...]

Manic Episode 2008 Chronology

Manic Episode 2008 Chronology [Written by Ashley] June 8, 2008: Justin's first manic episode reared its head. I didn't know at first what was happening. I thought Justin was having a weird reaction to the marijuana he was smoking (much to my disapprovement), maybe it was mixed with … [Read more...]

Mr. Ferguson & Friends Productions

Mr. Ferguson & Friends Productions The Start of Mr. Ferguson & Friends Productions I started to get interested in making short films at Virginia Tech almost immediately. I began working with photoshop and became in love with marijuana, all in free time. Remember, this is 2004, a year shy … [Read more...]

Standard Outake Procedure

Standard Outake Procedure High Standards for High Times The Standard Outake Procedure is the procedure that mental hospitals follow when they feel a committed patient is worthy of dismissal slash release. "Is he still of value?"; their collective decision is based on a short … [Read more...]