What is Bipolar 1 Disorder?

What is Bipolar 1 Disorder? It's a terrible disease. The manic-depressive swings between two extremes, and it's hard for me to see which is more ghastly: one in the utter pit of despair and the other a kind of high-flying exaltation in which everything seems possible," - Dr. Carl Sagan A: … [Read more...]

Mania: Where is it?

This is Mania The mind, life, and family are the immediate targets of Mania; this, in the lives of undeserving friends and family, is where you will find mania and the trail of devastation it leaves behind and ahead: the mania is circular, it will come again, and again, but not before or between … [Read more...]

The Chronicles: How?

The Path to the Chronicles of Mania The Chronicles of Mania began in 2008 under the mark of my first manic episode. As I have outlined in the chronology, the beginning of the Chronicles predates the first manic episode with my prophetic thesis work on Virginia Woolf on the subject of Order and … [Read more...]